OT Engineer

Permanent contract, Freelance

Wallon Brabant

Partial remote

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L'équipe Mozaik-ICT

Position Level: Senior

Location: Wallon Brabant

Condition: 2-3 days onsite

Job Purpose/Mandate:

The OT Engineer with a strong IoT background will play a critical role in integrating, operating, and maintaining our company’s network infrastructure, with a particular emphasis on our industrial production infrastructure. This role is vital for ensuring the robustness and security of our network systems, significantly impacting our operational efficiency and capability in the industrial sector.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

- Implementation and Maintenance: Implement, operate, and maintain the company’s network infrastructure, focusing on industrial production systems.

- Network Documentation: Develop and maintain comprehensive network documentation to support system integrity and compliance.

- Performance Monitoring: Monitor network performance consistently, identifying and troubleshooting issues to ensure optimal operation.

- Security and Compliance: Ensure the security of network systems and data privacy, adhering to strict compliance standards and protocols.

- Process Adherence: Strict adherence to all operational processes, with a proactive approach to driving incident and problem resolution.

Competencies and Qualifications:

- Experience: Minimum of 5 years in IT/OT network engineering, including 2 years in on-field emergency/critical support.

- Regulatory Knowledge: Proven experience working in strongly regulated environments, with a solid understanding of ITIL compliance.

- Technical Expertise: Advanced knowledge in IoT setups and network protocols security, including hands-on experience with Cisco tooling (DNAC, ISE, Stealthwatch) and wireless technologies (Cisco Wireless, LoRaWAN).

- Communication Skills: Excellent communication skills with the ability to articulate complex technical information effectively.

- Adaptability: Strong stress resiliency and flexibility to work outside of standard business hours when necessary.

Growth and Skill Enhancement Opportunities:

- Technical Skills: Enhance skills in advanced cybersecurity measures, machine learning for network optimization, and emerging IoT technologies.

- Soft Skills: Develop leadership abilities, advanced problem-solving skills, strategic planning, and team management.

- Career Advancement: Opportunities for progression into roles such as IT Infrastructure Manager or Chief Technology Officer, contingent on acquiring and refining the aforementioned skills.

Role's Contribution to Company Growth:

This role is instrumental in maintaining operational continuity and security in our industrial sectors, directly contributing to the company’s overall stability and growth by enabling more efficient and secure industrial operations.

Additional Certifications or Training:

Certification in advanced network security, Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP), and specialized IoT training programs are recommended to enhance job performance and expertise.

Work outside of standard business hours can be expected (not frequent)