Medior Security Engineer

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Become a Medior Security Engineer at Mozaik-ICT!

At Mozaik-ICT, we are guided by the belief that computer security is not just a simple function, but an essential element integrated into all aspects of corporate life. As a new company in the field of computer security consulting, we focus on the specific needs of our clients to offer them customized and innovative solutions.

"Mozaik-ICT is committed to making computer security accessible and integrated into all facets of IT, for secure growth of businesses in the digital world."

The job purpose

The Medior Security Engineer is essential for maintaining and enhancing the security posture of our organization. This role involves daily support of the security environment, ensuring robust certificate management, and producing regular reports. The ability to automate processes and script solutions is a significant asset. The engineer will be expected to have expert knowledge in specific technologies and medior-level proficiency in others, contributing to a well-rounded and effective security team.

Your main responsibilities

  • Provide day-to-day support for the security environment, ensuring operational efficiency and security.
  • Manage and follow up on certificate management processes (note: this task will be phased out shortly).
  • Generate monthly reports to track and analyze security performance and incidents.
  • Utilize automation and scripting to enhance security processes and responses.

Your skills

  • Demonstrate expert-level proficiency in Checkpoint Technologies.
  • Exhibit expert-level skills in managing and configuring Fortinet Fortigate-Fortimanager.
  • Have medior-level experience with Cloudflare, ensuring robust web security and performance.
  • Possess medior-level skills in Web Proxy, specifically with Symantec Bluecoat, to manage and secure internet access.
  • Display medior-level knowledge in Load Balancing, particularly with APsolute Vision and F5, to ensure efficient network traffic management and security.

The job requirements

This role demands a balance of technical expertise and analytical skills in a dynamic environment. The position involves standard office working conditions, with the occasional need for extended hours during critical projects or incidents.

The benefits of joining us

Your development: You participate in the development of your personal development plan and have access to a wide range of training to constantly maintain and enrich your professional skills.

Your pace: We emphasize a form of 'nomadism' as long as the position held and client projects allow it.

Your environment: It is important to us to offer you a caring, healthy, and dynamic work environment.

Your tools: You work with the latest technologies.

How to apply?

  • Send your resume with a cover letter or a short video of a few minutes to introduce yourself, and we will take the time to watch it.