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Job Purpose/Mandate:

The Medior Technical Cloud Architect (Azure) will play a key role in supporting the design and implementation of Azure cloud solutions that comply with financial sector standards and regulations. This role is essential for contributing to the organization’s cloud strategy and enhancing its capability to meet business and security requirements.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

- Assist in designing and deploying scalable and secure cloud infrastructure on the Azure platform.

- Support the integration of cloud services with on-premises technologies.

- Maintain compliance with regulatory standards and ensure adherence to security guidelines within cloud solutions.

- Collaborate with project teams to provide technical support during cloud implementation and migration projects.

- Conduct regular reviews and updates to cloud strategies to ensure effectiveness and compliance.

Competencies and Qualifications:

- Strong foundational knowledge of Azure cloud services and infrastructure.

- Familiarity with regulatory compliance in the financial sector.

- Experience in working within cloud projects in financial services environments.

- Good interpersonal and communication skills.

- Adaptability in a dynamic technological landscape.

Growth and Skill Enhancement Opportunities:

- Technical Skills Development:

- Gaining expertise in specific Azure services such as Azure SQL Database, Azure Active Directory, and Azure DevOps.

- Learning about advanced data security and privacy protection in cloud environments.

- Expanding knowledge on cloud cost management and optimization.

- Soft Skills Development:

- Enhancing project management and teamwork capabilities.

- Developing better stakeholder engagement techniques.

- Improving problem-solving and analytical thinking.

- Career Advancement:

- Opportunity to advance to a Senior Cloud Architect role or specialize in particular cloud technologies or security aspects.

Role's Contribution to Company Growth:

The Medior Technical Cloud Architect enhances the organization’s technological efficiency and security posture, enabling better service delivery and adaptability to market changes and regulatory demands. Pleasant work atmosphere

Additional Certifications or Training:

- Pursuing or having completed Azure Solutions Architect Certification.

- Specialized training in compliance and regulatory standards relevant to financial services.